Marpole Community Plan:
Our Concerns

Many Marpoleans have the impression that City Hall puts the wishes of developers and people who want to move to Vancouver above the needs of the current residents.

We want to retain neighbourhood character which includes heritage buildings. We agree that some densification is required and we support necessary development done well.

Much development is already occurring in Marpole, even before the further densification proposed in City Hall’s draft Marpole Community Plan.

Our analysis reveals that the current version of the draft Marpole Community Plan will result in the upzoning of:

  • 321 (39% of    821) duplexes and
  • 533 (18% of 2,956) single-family homes.
We contend that:

  • City Hall should state how many more people they think Vancouver needs to accommodate over the next 30 years (housing demand), and describe how that number is derived. They could use Metro Vancouver’s estimate for Vancouver population growth instead of producing one of their own. The estimated population growth they currently cite specifies how many more people their development plans will accommodate (which is housing supply, not demand).
  • City Hall should develop a method to equitably spread the required population growth throughout the city.
  • If City Hall can show that Marpole is not already meeting its obligation to accommodate its fair share of population growth through developments already underway, it should engage Marpole residents in effective consultation to ensure that the required additional density is added in a way that minimizes detrimental consequences to the residents’ quality of life.

According to our analysis of Vancouver population growth projections and future housing capacity, there is no need for any rezoning of single family homes or duplexes witin Marpole.